Your catalyst for a comprehensive and accelerated product launch.

PatriotPro is an exceptional new brand of innovative medical products developed specifically to be distributed through Alliant Healthcare Products into VAs and DoDs worldwide. At Alliant, we know how difficult it can be to launch a product in the government sector. With more than 20 years of experience, our Alliant Healthcare Products team is uniquely qualified to navigate and streamline the government procurement process.

Medisurge, our Alliant manufacturing division, is the connection between the new inventor or OEM seeking to become a PatriotPro branded product. New PatriotPro products, whether manufactured by Medisurge, or white labeled, are managed by Medisurge from inception through distribution into VAs & DoDs. Being involved in every step of the process, we can help accelerate the path to market while saving money, and without sacrificing quality. Our proven, consistent world-class quality and regulatory processes distinguish Medisurge and PatriotPro products from the rest.

Medisurge is uniquely equipped to provide a full process,
with world class back-end support.

Our team is ready and able to step in at any part of your medical device journey. To be branded a PatriotPro product, it must demonstrate that it will be uniquely life-changing and accessible to its market segment. Government distribution being the goal, the product must be manufactured in a TAA or BAA-compliant country and able to pass regulatory requirements and commercialization.

The Alliant Healthcare Group, consisting of Alliant Healthcare Products, Medisurge, and Alliant Biotech, serves as an incubator for new inventors and OEMs to develop, manufacture, and distribute

innovative medical products into our government network. Learn more at,, and