Putting Company Culture First Spurs Growth and the Formation of MediSurge Products in Grand Rapids, MI

Grand Rapids, MI based Alliant Enterprises, LLC, announced today the formation of its newest division named MediSurge Products, LLC. “It’s exciting adding our third division,” says Bob Taylor, company CEO and owner. “MediSurge Products’ medical device contract manufacturing business perfectly complements our Surge Cardiovascular™ and Alliant Healthcare Products divisions.” The new division recently opened its 20,000 sqft manufacturing site which is located on the Northwest part of Grand Rapids, MI.   This expansion broadens Alliant’s capacity and capability for new manufacturing opportunities within its new high tech clean room.

“Rapid growth requires hiring the absolute best talent,” says Taylor. He believes the company culture is what draws the talented people from all regions of the US, “Grand Rapids is a great place to live and when you add our unique culture which is based on our five Pillars of Belief, we’re attracting some of the best people available.”  The Pillars highlight Alliant’s principles on customer focus, leadership, superior quality, accountability, and the genuine concern for everyone who comes in contact with the company. “They’re not just words on the wall,” says Taylor. “Everyone has a role in how we live these pillars out.” Taylor has also introduced the company’s Pathways Program which is the tool he intends using to share with all of its employees the wealth that the company creates.

Based primarily on the culture, the sister division, Surge Cardiovascular, was able to bring on a top cardiac engineer. Rick Shorey is now the Program Director for Product Development for the medical device business.  “He’s a leading developer in the cardiovascular industry,” states Taylor. “He is spearheading our R&D efforts and brings a wealth of knowledge to the company.” Shorey is also drawing more industry talent to the company leading to the hiring of Dan Byers as the General Manager of the newly formed MediSurge Products.  Byers is an expert in lean manufacturing, his past experience includes working with companies throughout the US in medical and non-medical applications. “I’m excited to be back in Grand Rapids and working with a Rick and a great team,”.  Dan also attributes the culture at Alliant as a key to his return to Grand Rapids.  says Byers. “It’s the type of company anyone would want to join.”

Learn more at allianthealthcare.com.